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The countries in the world conference had always wondered why the girl that Russia brought with him every now and again always stood off to the side quietly, not doing anything. Just waiting for the meeting to end. It was like that every time she came. She would walk in, her arm hooked around Russia's as he escorted her to her place, and she'd be completely quiet. She'd stand by one of the maids and she'd just wait. The whole time, she would be standing. It wasn't until the third time he brought her along that people started putting two and two together.

She was Russia's girlfriend.

And yet, they didn't act like a normal couple. Every time they were together, Russia had an authoritative  expression, it almost seemed like a scowl. And she'd look at him blankly, as if awaiting orders. She was quiet and obedient, and never, ever refused the tallest country. She'd tend to his every beck and call. Russia never said 'please' or 'thank you'. He always addressed her in a calm, but stern manner. She only spoke when spoken to and she'd always ask him for permission to do anything, even if it was just to go and fetch herself a glass of water. She dressed in a long, maroon winter coat, black pants, and black heeled boots. She was striking, a true Russian beauty. She didn't socialize with the other countries, and avoided America the most. Russia was always monitoring her.

They weren't very affectionate with each other either. There were few conversations between them, short, fruitless conversations, usually regarding Russia's work. They didn't hold hands or kiss, or even smile at each other. It was as if they were only business partners. Nevertheless, she was always there for him. Always there to calm him down when he got angry or drunk. She spoke his name softly, and it seemed as if that was all it took to get him to relax. Don't misunderstand, reader. She was no pushover. She looked down on the other countries just as Russia did. She'd laugh at their stupidity and she would smirk whenever Russia insulted them, or threatened them. She'd even go as far as to call them out if they bothered Russia, to which he'd raise his hand in a gesture that meant 'don't worry, I'll handle this.'

She was quite frightening when she wanted to be, from her piercing glare, to the way she would disregard Belarus' threats and jabs, something Russia himself couldn't do. She was like his guard dog, always there to tear limb from limb any person who dared to hurt him.

And even then, he never said thank you. Eventually, she began showing up at the world meetings more, barely ever missing more than one meeting a year. When the Soviet Union fell apart, she became his everything. He became more possessive of her. He'd make sure he knew where she was at all times, who she was with and what she was doing. Her closest ally outside of Russia was China, who respected her and was kind to her, and always reminded Russia of how lucky he was to have such a perfect partner. When America came to offer her a better life with him over at the states, she refused instantly and commanded him to leave her sight. She swore to remain by Russia's side until the end. And even though she would pick him up off the filthy floor when he was broken, even though she stayed by him, always, even though she calmed him down and followed his every request...

He never once said thank you.

And then one day, she stopped coming. Russia showed up that day, looking like a train wreck. His hair was disheveled, his eyes were red and angry, and he looked as if he hadn't slept in days. Belarus and Ukraine trailed after him, trying to console him, to cheer him up. His ever present smile was gone as he shoved a clingy Belarus off him with enough force to throw her to the ground and silence the room. By that point, Ukraine was reduced to tears. Russia took his seat that day and spent the entire meeting growling out orders at the maids and laughing bitterly whenever any of the countries shared their opinions and ideas. And since then, no one ever saw or heard from her again. He never spoke her name, he acted as though she had never existed.

Everyone had come to the conclusion that she had finally had enough, that she had left him. But China knew better. China knew how much she loved him, she would never leave him.

And so the eldest country took it upon himself to find out what had become of the young woman. He followed Russia from a distance, making sure that he went unnoticed. He followed the tall man all the way to a cemetery, where the said Russian knelt before a grave that had a very familiar name engraved on the front.

[Name] [Lastname]

Russia drew one sunflower from his coat before setting it down in front of the gravestone and bursting into tears. He threw his arms around the stone and wept out incoherent sentences that China couldn't make out at all.

Well, except one.

"Thank you for everything, Sunflower."
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Okay, I noticed that in a lot of Russia fanfics they make him seem like a sweet, cuddly bear. Uh, no. Russia is a communist country, Russia is cold and harsh. I tried to make the relationship between the reader and Russia a little like the actual relationship between country's laws and the Russian citizens. Like, the people in Russia aren't allowed to step out of line and shit like That. I hope I explained this right :b anyway, enjoy


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