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You were amazing.
We did amazing things.

If you've ever been through the receiving end of a break up, you know, first-hand, that if feels as if you've taken a blow to the gut. It feels as if you've been drained of all your oxygen, and you crave the day in which you will be able to breathe again. This was the way it felt for (Name).

(Name) and Karkat. It had been that way for years. You never saw one without the other, as if it physically pained them to be apart. And you know what, at the time it did indeed feel that way for her and her beloved troll. They had met in middle school, when a teacher was being unfair to him because of him being different. Trolls had arrived to Earth only 5 years prior, and most of the world wasn't used to having them around. (Name) had been brave enough to call the teacher out on her copious amounts of bullshit, and landed them both detention for a week. For the next 5 days, they bonded over the little things like cussing, romcoms, romantic topics and the like. They officially became best friends that same year, and in the middle of 8th grade, he finally popped the question.

(Name), of course, said yes to becoming his moirail, which is what they wanted at the time.

Now having the both the best friend and moirail title, she spend most of her time with him, chatting away carelessly as well as calming him in his fits of rage, and he calmed her when she was entering the early stages of depression. They both pulled themselves out of the way of every obstacle they faced. It was an amazing moirallegience, but one that, fortunately, only lasted two years.

By the 11th grade, (Name) and Karkat had been together through everything. Loss of pets, breakups, unrequited crushes. You name it. She had grown into a curvy young woman with soft features and the smallest hints of laugh lines. He had grown taller than her by almost half a foot, and his eyes filled in with his color. They were inseparable at this point. Usually, though, when you're this close to some one of the gender you find attractive, you start to fall in love. And that's exactly what had happened.

Upon realizing their feelings for each other, both parties panicked. There was no way in hell they could have fallen for their moirail, no fucking way. It's funny how life fucks with your brain that way. A year of both vague and subtle hints combined, (Name) finally asked her on a date. He agreed embarrassingly fast.

That same night, they became an official couple and flaunted it to any one who would hear. Their friends said that it had been a long time coming and that no body was surprised at the turn of events. Karkat and (Name) only became closer, in both mind and body. It seemed like the perfect love story at the time.

And then college came around, and along with college, came Terezi Pyrope.

Terezi was a nice girl. Scheming and weird, but over all nice and quickly befriended both you and Karkat. She thought it was so cute that Karkat had found someone who could stand him. That's right, Terezi had met Karkat through the Internet whilst he was in middle school, but shortly drifted away from her when he began to get closer to (Name). The latter thought it was a nice coincidence and had no qualms in letting them rekindle their friendship.

Her trust came at a price however. (Name) and Karkat had been around each other for so long, that it didn't surprise her that he started spending more time with Terezi, who was something new and refreshing in his life. That was fine, because Terezi's boyfriend at the time had decided to get to know you better around the same time.

Dave Strider was a perfectly human boy. Blonde hair, red eyes, rad shades. He was charming in his own pseudo-nonchalant way and him and (Name) hit it off right away. It was then, that the arguments began.

Karkat was jealous of Dave, plain and simple. He didn't think his Matesprit had the right to spend so much time with another dude. (Name) argued that the only reason her and Dave were spending so much time together was because he was always off with Terezi. It only spiraled downward from then on.

Suddenly they fought and argued every day. Every day was a battle between the two, and the very weapons that were once aimed at a mutual enemy were now trained on each other. They both sought comfort from Terezi and Dave respectively.

All attempts to rebuild their relationship failed, and in their sophomore year of college, Karkat called the whole thing off.

It hurt (Name), to be totally honest. It destroyed her. She begged and pleaded for him to work things out between them, but even though Karkat teared up a little, he stood by his decision. For years after that, they didn't talk to one another.

During that time, Dave spent much more time with her than before and eventually him and Terezi broke it off as well. But at least their breakup had been a mutual agreement. After months of seeking comfort in the arms of the Youngest Strider, they both made it official and started dating.

She was happy again. After months of being utterly unhappy, she finally found her light. Her Knight. And he loved her passionately, and unconditionally. Eventually, she would learn to love him with her all in return. Dave didn't have a problem waiting, though. They had all the time in the world.

They were married now, Dave and (Name), an were expecting a little Strider to pop out in a few months.

After years of not talking to each other, (Name) called Karkat and his devoted Matesprit Terezi and invited them both for dinner one night.

That night was tonight.

The four of them had been chatting away carelessly for hours. Dave and Karkat were joking around like old buddies and (Name) and Terezi giggled about girl stuff. All was well. Terezi and Dave smoothed out their differences and became good friends, and (Name) and Karkat did the same.

(Name) smiled to herself as she watched Dave and Karkat wrestle over a pen, while Terezi cheered Dave on.

She knew she still harbored bitter feelings towards the Candy Red-blooded troll, and she doubted she would ever treat him the same as before, but she was perfectly fine.

Karkat glanced at her and offered her a blissful smile, before Terezi licked his cheek. As he flipped and threw one of his famous Karkat Tantrums, Dave pulled (Name) in for a sweet kiss.

Everything had turned out alright.

And I wouldn't change it, 
cuz we did amazing things.
Amazing. (Karkat X Reader)
Just something I conjured up before class, nothing big :b
Meeting Again
A/N: This is part two of Raising Cherubs, where you and Caliborn finally meet after being separated from you for most of his life. I hope you guys like it and I would love some feedback in the comments, even if you disliked it :b enjoy!



"Who the fuck are you?"

You eyed the male Cherub as he stared you down intensely. He was exactly your height. He had red eyes and one red dot on each of his cheeks, and was bleeding out of his leg, you noticed. No doubt from where he cut it. He was blushing slightly as he continued to look you over, which made you feel a little weird, considering the fact that you practically raised him. You both continued to stare at each other until your gazes met yet again. You decided that was your cue to introduce yourself.

"I'm (Y/N)."

"I don't care. What I want to know is how you know my name, you blank-eyed whore," Caliborn barked out, assuming an offensive pose as his black staff morphed into a Rifle. You swallowed and put your hands up in surrender.

"W-We're your guides. Part of the game, that's all," you responded, body trembling with anticipation. You fiddled with the hem of your shirt as you both had a state-off once again. He nodded his head in understanding and walked closer to you.

"Are you with the idiotic clown?", the red-blooded adolescent asked. You nodded your head and told him that you were, to which he told you that it was easy to figure that out, considering the fact that ever female must have a male in her life to ensure the unintelligent gender's survival. You feared that Gamzee had been hurt by Caliborn.

At his comment, you kicked his rifle out of his hands and caught it before it hit the ground. It morphed back into a staff as you gripped the middle. You then charged at Caliborn and tackled him, straddling his hips and pushing the length of the staff against his neck, effectively pinning him down. He look shocked and terribly flustered, no doubt with your current position. "Get off of me, you crazy bimbo," he shrieked, face going red with embarrassment and anger. At that, you smirked with pride.

"It serves you right, young one. I'm not a stupid woman, nor am I a useless person. I can hold my own against sexist pigs like yourself," you spat out at him, finishing your miniature speech before getting off of him and holding out your hand for him to help him get up. Caliborn sat up, stared at your hand reluctantly, before deciding that you had gotten on his good side. He took your outstretched hand you let you help him. When he was finally on his feet, he let go of you quickly, dusted himself off before yanking his staff out of your hands protectively and grinning wickedly at you.

"For a female, you seem to be a reliable helper. Were you once a man?"

At this, anger bubbled up inside you. It must have shown on your face because Caliborn put his hands up defensively as he stuttered out, "I-I mean that in the best way possible! I'm not good with compliments!"

You stared at him in shock. Caliborn wasn't known to stumble over his words, nor was he known for being unsure.

You would know. You and Gamzee have practically monitored the Cherubs' entire life up to recently. You made sure never to interact with them, so as not to interfere with their natural development.

You crack a slight smile at him as you relax a little. You had forgotten that normal Cherubs, unlike Calliope, have a hard time being nice, since they are only programmed with the Caliginous quadrant. In a way, mean comments and actions are how he expresses fondness and kindness. He looked at you, expressing his confusion through his eyes. Most girls he knew would have been too offended to hear him out, let along believe him, and he didn't even know a lot of girls. After a few more couple of starting at him fondly, you heard a wheezing sound come from the ground behind Caliborn. Turns out your previous fears had been warranted.

"Oh my goodness. Gamzee!"

The poor clown had been beaten to a pulp, and shot multiple times. You ran past the red-blooded Cherub to Gamzee's aid. He opened his eyes, and looked at you smiling. You snarled at him, not exactly being angry at him, but at his happy façade. You sat him up carefully, apologizing as you noticed him wincing from the movement. Your eyebrows furrowed in worry as you slung his arm around your shoulders to stand him up and help him walk to the large tower with numerous computer monitors. You say him on the keyboard, making Caliborn shout, but a stern look to him shut him right up, although he continued mumbling under his breath.

You took off Gamzee's hood and shirts to get to his torso. You gasped in horror at the amount of bullets that had gone through his body, and the amount of bullets that were still lodged in his chest, stomach, and abdomen. He was also bleeding profusely. You laid him down against the monitor and carefully began to pull the bullets out after taking a first aid kit from your sylladex.

As your hands moved all over the Troll's torso, Caliborn protested. This kind of shit should be done behind closed doors, for fuck's sake! He expressed his distress to the female, which only earned him another stern look from the you. He didn't know why, but he felt completely submissive to you, but not in a sexual manner. More like in a way where he felt you had a certain authority over him. As a blush spread over his face, he turned away from the scene before stalking away after, but not going too far from you and Gamzee.

It took about two hours until Gamzee was all patched up, but he still wasn't able to move suddenly or erratically. This was the time you appreciated the first aid classes you had taken back on Earth. Said Highblood looked at you gratefully and lovingly as he reached over slowly to stroke your cheek. Then, he pulled you in for a swift kiss, which you returned after cupping his cheeks and moaning softly. You both pulled away from each other and grinned. You were about to go in for seconds, when you heard a loud shriek.

"YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING EXHIBITIONISTS," Caliborn shouted from behind you as he carried a little bunny robot. You snorted in laughter as Gamzee chuckled before you both looked at Caliborn, whose face was beet red.

You stood at full height as you helped Gamzee to stand as well, before holding your hand out to Caliborn.

"Come on, Little Cal, we have quite a bit of work to do if you're ever going to finish this game," you said to him. He looked down at your outstretched arm and scoffed, trying to seem tough. His blush only became brighter.

"Please refrain from touching me in any way. It's completely inappropriate!," Caliborn growled out aggressively, to which you scowled. You demanded that he not call you that and that he treat you with he same respect he treated boys with. He visibly gulped at your intense gaze and nodded, muttering something about females becoming too powerful for his liking. He walked over to you and Gamzee after you pulled your arm back at his request to not be touched. As you and Gamzee stood over Caliborn, who was talking to some guy, you couldn't help but feel protective over the rude little shit. You took Gamzee's hand in yours as you began helping Caliborn through the first stages of his session.
Meeting Again (GamzeexReader/CalibornxMom!Reader)
This is the second installment of Raising Cherubs. I hope you guys like it :3
Before You Go

A/N: If you guys enjoy this, tell me about it! If you didn't, tell me about how I could've made this story better. Negative or positive, I love when people give me some feed back :3 enjoy!

PS: You are a highblood in this, but not a Seadweller.



The young Seadweller turned to look at you as he heard his name leave your lips. His eyes widened the slightest bit in curiosity, his glasses had slid down a little, and his hair was a bit messy. He had left his cape in your home before he followed you to your current location, which was under a gazebo you had built at the beach. You had a hive in the jungle a little ways from the shore and you often liked to spend some time at the beach with your best friend. His shirt was off as well. It had been thrown in the sand along with his scarf, and he was currently only in his pants, which were rolled up to his knees. You had gotten out of the water a couple of minutes prior to this moment, so you were both soaking wet. Your long mane stuck to your skin. You had half the mind to put it up in a bun, since it resembled a wet glob at the moment. You were wearing your favorite two piece bathing suit, which was the color of your blood and showed off your body, but you doubted you looked attractive at this point. With Eridan around, though, you found it hard to think about your appearance, or rather, about anything at all. Anything but him.

"Tell me about the game you're about to play," you said bluntly. You never were one to beat around the bush. Eridan's eyes lingered on you for a moment before he turned to look back at the ocean. He sighed through his nose.

"I honestly have no idea wwhat it's about," he said. He turned to you again. "No one evver tells me shit."

You giggled at his bitter tone. You smirked for a split second before his face expression soured up again.

"Seriously though! Wwhy don't I seem to fit in wwith 'em? Fef blends in wwell, wwhy can't I? Is it because I'm a Rustblood?"

You snorted in laughter. His Casteist jokes could be a little rude, but they were funny, nonetheless.

"Danny, they probably don't know how to handle such a classy guy," you joked, nudging him in the ribs just hard enough to make him lean to the side a bit before returning to his normal position. He looked at you and scowled.

"Howw can you stand to be so childish? An' I told you to stop callin' me that!"

You raised your hands in mock defeat as you chuckled. He looked at you, scowl deepening.
You continued to smile at him.

"Why can't I play with you and your friends," you asked softly, looking at his hive in the distance.

At this, Eridan perked up. He looked at you, heart clenching as he saw you looking away from him nervously. You obviously want to play the game just to spend more time with him. He swallowed hard.

"You just can't. Sol didn't find thirteen copies, he found twwelvve. For his closest friends. If it wweren't for Fef, I wwouldn't evven be playin either," he explained for like the third time. In truth, Eridan knew what playing the game meant. It meant losing his Hive, his Lusus, his Oceans, his Alternia, and you. The only reason he hadn't told you about the impending doom the planet would be facing was because he didn't want to worry you. As far as you thought, the game was a regular computer game.

You sighed, a little sad that you wouldn't get to play with Eridan. If it wasn't obvious enough, you were completely flushed for Eridan. You had hoped you'd be able to play and bond with him and his friends, but it had been clear all the way up to right now that there was no way you'd be included in it. You were disappointed and all, but you accepted it.

"Can I at least watch you play,", you asked. You watched as his expression twisted into one of frustration.


You clenched your fists.

"And why not?"

"Because I say so," he replied, somehow managing to keep his cool. You hmphed, but left it at that. The sun was beginning to rise, so you began to focus on that instead of the disappointment bubbling up inside you.

Seeing the beautiful colors of the sunrise, however, calmed you down almost instantly. You peeked over to where Eridan sat to see him looking at the ground below him. He was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he didn't realize what he was missing.

You grabbed him by his horns and redirected his gaze to the sunrise. He was about to protest, but as soon as he noticed how amazing everything looked, he dazed off. You chuckled. He always liked the view from here. The waters lit up a dark purple, his hive seemed like a mere shadow amongst the horizon. The skies were painted red and purple and blue. It was pretty magnificent.

You, however, were focused on him. He looked so good in the dim light. It wouldn't be long before he had to swim back to his ship and you had to walk home, and you wanted to enjoy him as much as you could. If it were up to you, you'd stay here for a bit more, but the route to his hive didn't have heavy plant life to cover him from the blazing sun like yours did.

You felt the urge to confess to him right then and there. The burning feeling of excitement and anxiety spread through your body. Your breathing sped up and you started to play with your earring subconsciously. His features were accentuated by the small amount of light that came from the rising sun. His lips were parted slightly, allowing his shark-like teeth to peek out a little. The purple streak on his hair stuck out a bit more and his skin glimmered a bit due to the droplets that lingered on him.

All in all, he was breathtaking.

You swooned a little on the inside. You both liked to enjoy the sunrise together, and after sweeps of doing this with him, you had to admit, you had never once gotten bored of the scenery, whether you were talking about the painted skies or the way your best friend looked in the midst of it all.

You knew you were both only 6, but you could feel that you were meant for each other, even if he didn't know it yet. Crazy right?

Upon noticing that the Sun was about halfway up, you lightly poked Eridan, and that was his cue to gather his things and start heading home. You both stood up and quickly cleaned up your area before turning to each other.

"I'll give you your cape tonight, alright?", you told him as he was adjusting his scarf. He looked at you and pulled you into a quick hug. It didn't last more than ten seconds, but just the feeling of being close to him and having his arms wrapped around your waist was enough to make you feel whole.

"Don't swweat it. I have another at home," he said before kissing your cheek hastily, and action he only did on rare occasions. Your face flushed as a goofy smile overtook your features. He pulled back and flashed his own toothy smile. A for real smile.

Your gazes lingered on each other for a second more before he turned away and ran to the waters.

"See ya tonight, Eridan!" You shouted after him, to which he turned to you and waved one last time.

As always, you had waited under the gazebo until he messaged you that he had reached the shipwreck safely. At that, you turned and scurried off into the jungle in the way of your hive.

Eridan look at your retreating silhouette and swallowed back tears.

You didn't know it yet, but you wouldn't live to see another sunrise with him.

He just hoped your death was quick and painless.
Before You Go (EridanxTroll!Reader)
Hope you enjoy this one guys :3
A\N: Keep an eye out for a possible part two of this :b if you enjoyed or if you didn't, please write a comment about how you liked or disliked it. It'd be totes appreciated so thanks!


"Ow! Motherfucker, quit your shit!"

"Gamzee! Don't talk to him like that!"

You currently stood in the middle of one of the rooms of the former laboratory...on the meteor. You know the one. The room was currently being remodeled by Gamzee and yourself in order to make it fit for growing cherubs. You had been standing behind Gamzee, watching as he cradled a sleepy Calliope. Calliope never seemed to like you all that much, preferring to chill with your clown companion instead of you. You made a ton of effort trying to get her to like you like she liked Gamzee, even dressing up in bright colors to resemble the Tricksters in the lore that Gamzee read to her sometimes to put her down. You gave up, though. Eventually, you got used to her not caring for you. Looking at the red eyes of her brother who had woken up seconds after his sister fell asleep, though, you realized that having Caliborn on your side instead wasn't so bad.

You looked at Gamzee, who's face twisted into a sour grimace at Caliborn's violent thrashing, before taking the male cherub from the tall troll's hands. As soon as he had woken up and noticed he was in Gamzee's arms, he slapped the daylights out of said troll.

The moment Caliborn's eyes met yours, his frown turned into a toothy grin, which only emphasized his mischievous appearance. You grinned at him, bringing your forehead to his and cooing sweet things to him. He cackled, mimicking your own laughter, and cupped your cheeks in his tiny, green hands in an attempt to show affection. Caliborn's motions, however, were often rough and erratic, and he ended up accidentally digging his claws into your skin. You winced and carefully pulled his hands away, before putting him down on a mat that you had knitted to keep the little cherubs from having to sit, play, or crawl on the cold, metal floor of the room.

"I don't motherfuckin understand why you prefer him. Or why he up and hates me so much."

You chuckled at Gamzee's obvious jealousy at the close relationship you and Caliborn shared. His purple eyes met your own before you both bursted into soft chuckles. Suddenly, you felt his arm snake around your waist and pull you close to him. Without any sort of warning, he crashed his lips to yours in a playful kiss, that only lasted a couple of seconds before you both pulled away. He smiled as you giggled softly at him, a peaceful air surrounding the both of you. You graced his cheek with the side of your hand. You paused as you pulled your hand back to notice that some of his make up had smeared. You looked back up at him an laughed a little, noticing the gray patch of skin that now peaked out from under the white paste. He attempted a glare, but couldn't hold back the grin that threatened to surface. He was about to pull you in for another kiss, when his face contorted into a pained expression. He honked and jerked his ankle back from Caliborn, who had managed to crawl to him just to give him a big, ol' bite. You doubled over in laughter as you scooped little Cal up, before walking over to where Gamzee laid and holding out your hand for him. Gamzee narrowed his eyes at the Green babe in your hold as he took your hand in his and let you help him up.

"Look at that smug ass motherfucker. He wants you all for himself, doesn't he," Gamzee glared at the red blooded cherub, leaning in closer to him in a subconscious attempt at threatening him. You watched on with an amused expression.

"Well tough motherfucking luck, because she's MINE. You get me, you- SON OF A FUCK!"

You cackled a little louder than intended as the Juggalo reeled back before his hand flew to cover his nose, which was oozing royal purple blood from a bite small bite, curtesy of Caliborn.
The young one laughed along, clapping his hands together, happy to have made you laugh.

Gamzee, however, was far from amused.

"I'm gonna go fuckin' bandage this shit up. I can't take much more of this motherfucking ABUSE," Gamzee grumbled. You chuckled and leaned your body away from Gamzee in order to keep the violent cherub from further harming your Matesprit as you gave said Highblood a peck on the cheek. Gamzee looked at you, glaring half heartedly. You knew that he wasn't really upset with you, though. He wasn't even upset with Caliborn either, not really. He would learn to get over it soon enough, just as you had done with Calliope's own passive aggressive attitude towards you.

As Gamzee limped towards a first aid kit, you turned back to the lordling in your arms. His head rested at the crook of your neck, his arms were wrapped around your neck, and his legs wrapped around your middle to hold on to you better. He pulled back a little to look at you and made some gurgling noises in an attempt to speak to you. You humored him, acting surprised and interested as he chattered on and on about some nonsense that even he probably didn't understand. You were so busy with Caliborn, you hadn't noticed Gamzee staring at the two of you, a starstruck expression on his face. He smiled softly at the scene before him.

He paused the bandaging of his ankle and nose to witness the miraculous view that the Messiahs had currently blessed him with. It was only a matter of time before you and him had to leave the cherubs to thrive on their own, and he wanted to make sure that he remembered each and every moment you both spent with them. It wasn't easy, being teen parents and raising a whole other species.

It wasn't easy, but you both made it work.
Raising Cherubs (Gamzee x Reader)
This is something I've had in my mind for a while so I decided to write it down :b might add a second part to this :b hope y'all enjoy!


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